We are very grateful for the very many and very generous donations in response to our recent email appeal for community support; especially as it highlighted our our recently formalized Pay What You Can program to help folks with lesser means enjoy the many benefits of cycling for transportation, health and recreation. To partly express our appreciation, we have been working since before Halloween to ready a virtual version of our Winter Cycling Fashion Show, to provide some useful and entertaining advice to help anyone spend more time on their bike, in more kinds of weather.

You don’t have to aspire to become a studded-tire-running, Iditabike aficionado to use the tips and tricks that our “models” impart. There is something here for everyone, including winter pedestrians.

Below are the first installments of a varied collection of offerings planned on this topic. These were recorded (special thanks to videographer Brad Masi) at our 2019 Winter Fashion Show, when we were all packed together eating and drinking and breathing in the shop, and any discussion of masks was on the sole topic of keeping your face warm. Ah, recall the simpler old times? (Adaptation is crucial, though, so do look for an upcoming instalment on Covid-safe cycling and keeping your face warm.)

But first, we want to offer a bit more reciprocity, for anyone who is not able to make a donation — we know times are tough for so many — and would still like to give OCBC some money: our 20% off sale will continue for the rest of 2020, and every purchase will help us close out the year that much closer to our gross income goal.

This sale covers all the items in our Online Shop purchased before midnight on new year’s eve, for pick up after we re-open on Jan. 2nd. This includes a good selection of bikes, and many that would make great winter commuters (and we have a permanent, $10 sale price on good, new-old-stock, clip-on fenders that you can pick up when you get your bike!). Huge thanks to Erik, our Operations Manager, and David, our Treasurer, for getting us through the crucial steps to offer online sales; to the many dedicated volunteer mechanics who have refurbished bikes at home; and to our Education Committee for developing the checklists to make sure they are all up to Al’s exacting standards!

We hope you’ll enjoy Brad’s short videos here, and the rest of what has been a very hard year; Merry Christmas; and may 2021 be a healthy and Happy New Year for you!!!

OK, so that was pretty bike-geeky. This one has some more universally-applicable advice on clothing and comfort strategies…