Our bikes

Used Bike Sales

Want to get started (or re-started) cycling with a good, reliable bike? We can help you find the perfect fit according to your size, riding style, or intended destinations. We even have accessories – a trailer for going to the grocery store, or some waterproof panniers when you’re riding to work.


OCBC maintains a fleet of basic bikes for our education programs and rentals. We also rent “performance” road or mountain bikes; tandems, trail-a-bikes and trailers (for cargo or kids); and a library of unusual bikes like adult trikes, recumbents, and some antiques suitable for special events. Learn more about rentals.

Parts & Accessories

OCBC maintains a library of bikes, “ergonomic” saddles, cleated shoes and clip-in pedals, bike bags, and, of course, books and videos on bike repair, bike law, etc.  These items are available to “try before you buy,” or for rent. Most of the accessories are items we can special order new for purchase, and any rental fee can be applied to the purchase price.


While we’re not a traditional bike shop, we can help with quick repairs (by appointment) while you watch, and learn how to do it yourself. Of course, we’d love for you to learn more about bike repair by taking one of our Shop Classes. After that, we offer public shop time to keep your bike running smoothly.