Bicycle Repair

Helping people with necessary repairs to make their bikes safe to ride is an important part of our mission. To make sure folks can get the help they need with their bicycle, we offer a 15 minute service assessment. If your bicycle only needs work that will take less than 15 minutes to make it safe (and reasonably reliable) to ride, we may be able to do it while you wait. If not, we will at least be able to tell you fairly accurately what the repairs will cost, for pick-up at a later date. To purchase a  service assessment appointment, please visit If the $5 is a hardship, please call 216-830-2667 or email for further assistance.

If your bike has a flat, we can repair that as well, for $10 labor, plus parts (tubes are $5 and tires are $5 to $25). We’ll show you How to Fix a Flat too.

All the bikes we sell include a free follow-up check-over. We’d like to see the bike back after a few hundred miles of riding to make sure everything is tight and still adjusted properly, and give it some quick lubrication and a full Safety Check.  We want the bike owner there to watch this process, so they can learn to do some simple maintenance themselves, even if they never take their free Bicycle Basics classes.

The safety check is free if you purchase a bike from OCBC, or $20 otherwise. We do this only while you watch, and appointments are appreciated. The work takes our mechanic about 20-30 minutes, but allow at least 45 minutes to an hour as we often need to assist our members and volunteers at the same time. We’ll teach you some key cleaning and lubrication you can do on your bike in the workstand if you have to wait for an experienced mechanic to check over your bike.